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Fintech Podcast: 8topod the 8topuz Financial Technology Podcast Hosted by Anthony Munns

Janine Otto - Lady Fintech - Consultant & Blogger

  • E23
  • 19:49
  • May 20th 2021

On the latest fintech podcast, Anthony Munns interviews Janine Otto aka Lady Fintech.



Janine's main areas of experience are in risk management for FinTechs.

Janine used to work for PayPal in Dublin in the Risk department for over 5 years and moved later on to a German FinTech as a Head of Sales. 

At the moment, Janine works as a senior consultant for FinTechs and banks, consulting also on risk and regulatory-related questions and issues for her clients.

Her deepest experience however is in risk management (like fraud, credit risk, legal, brand, and compliance risk) for FinTechs. 

Janine is also establishing a social media branding, called Lady FinTech.

With this, she is trying to teach people, who are interested in the FinTech space but don’t have much knowledge, about the basics of FinTech.

Also, she hopes to spike interest in a younger group so that they may get interested in starting a career in that sector. 

Learn more about Janine at Lady-Fintech.com

Fintech Podcast: 8topod the 8topuz Financial Technology Podcast Hosted by Anthony Munns

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