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Fintech Podcast: 8topod the 8topuz Financial Technology Podcast Hosted by Anthony Munns

Ryan Clark and Anthony Munns Qube Money

  • E22
  • 23:25
  • April 23rd 2021

In this Episode Anthony Munns interviews Ryan Clark one of the founders and CEO of Qube Money, a banking service designed to help people take back control of their finances using their own Cash Envelope System.

Qube Money

The Power of Digital Banking with Cash Envelopes

We change the environment of money, making saving and spending money with purpose easy for everyone.

The cash envelope system made easy.

We invented digital cash envelopes. Real-time financial awareness without the hassle of tracking expenses, updating spreadsheets, and carrying cash.

More about Ryan Clark:

As a financial planner for more than ten years, Ryan watched his clients fail at budgeting over and over again. He would recommend programs, but none of them seemed to stick. He saw some success with the traditional cash envelope budgeting system; however, they’d usually fall off the wagon when clients shopped online.

In 2004, Ryan entered the financial services industry, and in his first three months, he set a new sales record. Since then, he has qualified for MDRT 5 times, and in 2011 he qualified as a Top of the Table producer, putting him in the top 1% of advisors in the world. He’s achieved the Centurion, and Guardian Hero awards and most recently was added as a Wall of Fame producer.

Fintech Podcast: 8topod the 8topuz Financial Technology Podcast Hosted by Anthony Munns

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