Together for Sharon  with George Ackerman artwork
A Time to Care: The Caregivers Podcast

Together for Sharon with George Ackerman

  • E30
  • 20:54
  • December 8th 2023

Hi Sweetie, today I have a surprise for you! Today George Ackerman joined us to talk about Together for Sharon. Together for Sharon is an organization that seeks to build awareness about Parkinson's Disease and they advocate for research that will lead us to find a cure for this horrible disease!

Today, George shares with us his experience being a caregiver and advocating for awareness all around, join us to find out what has kept him going for 4 years and if you're in the US help us advocate in congress here.

If you want to know more about Together for Sharon you can do so here.

A Time to Care: The Caregivers Podcast

I’m Isabel Melgarejo, and I was raised never to talk about the uncomfortable things in life and to put myself after everyone else’s needs (just like any other woman I know). In college, after Dad’s passing, I had to change all my beliefs. I had to talk about death, about my mom’s future, and I had to ask for a LOT of favors.

​After connecting with many caregivers when I moved to Texas and remembering one of the toughest seasons in my life, I created a program to help caregivers navigate these very uncomfortable conversations and help them through their particular journeys with their loved ones. In this podcast, I want to share advice on how to prioritize your mental health, how to have those difficult conversations, and how to talk you out of feeling guilty and overwhelmed.