Breath-work is the Best  artwork
According to the Cassels

Breath-work is the Best

  • S1E36
  • 1:00:48
  • June 16th 2022

Just breathe! Today we revisit a couple past episodes from According to the Cassels, creating a compiled lesson on breath-work and meditation.

First we will hear from Laura Hernandez, a mental health and spiritual life coach, with a focus on meditation, mindfulness, stress management, self-awareness, and more! In this episode, Laura shares some insights into ThetaHealing and HeartMath techniques and explains in-depth how a coherent heart allows for a coherent brain, and ultimately, overall rejuvenation and vitality.

Then we will hear from special guests Marcus and Melanie Luttrell as they add in to the topic of meditation. They will discuss breath work and getting over the awkward feelings when you first start to implement meditation in your daily routine. We also discover how your breathing can determine your mood. This is not a conversation you want to miss. It reveals practical tips and techniques for the average Joe to reach higher levels of meditation.

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