How to Get Better Sleep artwork
According to the Cassels

How to Get Better Sleep

  • S1E34
  • 42:57
  • June 2nd 2022

Sleep is absolutely essential for your day-to-day functioning. As Amy says, your day begins with sleep! In today’s episode of According to The Cassels, we are discussing the importance of sleep.

Firstly, we talk about some reasons you may not be sleeping well, ranging from stress to consuming too much processed sugar. We then discuss some things that may help you get better sleep, such as a sleep schedule and even removing electromagnetic fields from your sleep space.

Lastly, we go through some supplements and ‘sleep aids’ that will help you better your sleep. Join us to get some helpful tips to improve your sleep so that you can thrive and not just survive!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some thoughts on the school shootings that have occurred recently.
  • Introducing today’s topic: sleep. 
  • The changes Tray has made to his diet and lifestyle that have improved his sleep. 
  • The importance of sleep. 
  • Some reasons you may not be able to sleep well. 
  • One: emotional, physical, and psychological stress. 
  • Two: being overtired. 
  • Three: having caffeine past a certain time. 
  • Four: sugar. 
  • Five: too much stimulation especially from screens.
  • Six: electromagnetic fields from wifi. 
  • Seven: alcohol.
  • Eight: hormone production. 
  • Nine: sleep apnea. 
  • Some solutions to sleep problems you may be experiencing. 
  • One: establish a sleep schedule with specific times you wake up and go to bed.
  • Two: create a routine. 
  • Three: make your bedroom a retreat and a sanctuary and how you can do that.
  • Four: eat clean and avoid heavy fats, sugars, and caffeine right before bed.
  • Five: keep your bedroom dark. 
  • Six: ensure that the temperature of your room is 68 degrees or below. 
  • Some supplements and sleep aids that can help you.


“Processed sugar lights up the brain just like cocaine does.” — @amy_cassels [0:12:16]

“If you’re working in your room and work can be stressful – that energy and emotion is emitted into your room.” — @amy_cassels [0:27:13]

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