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How to manage your money with Amy and Tray Cassels

  • S1E29
  • 43:06
  • April 21st 2022

Financial stability is one of the keys to living a happy life. The freeing feeling that comes withhealthy financial habits and managing your money responsibly is well worth the effort. Amy realized that some changes were needed to her and Tray's spending habits after overspending on a recent trip she took with friends. We start today's conversation hearing about Amy's recent trip and how traveling without your significant other can be a good thing, as well as the differences between men and women when traveling.

Next, we get into the theme of the show, money management, and hear about a simple approach Amy uses to budget, ideas to help you track spending, the effects of financial stress, the benefits that come from good money habits, and much more! Tune in to hear what practical ideas families can use to help improve their spending habits, according to the Cassels!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Amy reminisces about her recent trip to Portland without Tray.

• Tray and Amy discuss the benefits of traveling without your partner.

• Differences between men and women when traveling together.

• How a vacation away from your spouse is good for the relationship.

• Tray shares a funny story from when he was younger.

• How responsible money management leads to having more.

• Examples of the changes Amy and Tray have made regarding their finances.

• The effects financial stress can have on people and families.

• Amy shares her unique idea to help you 'feel' your spending habits.

• A simple method that Amy currently uses to budget.

• Why Tray is not allowed to write in Amy's budget book.

• The benefits that come with knowing your household finances.

• We find out about the young lady that Amy has been mentoring.

• Insight into how the less fortunate live and why it is important to appreciate what you have.

• The new perception Amy has on being fulfilled and what God wants from her.

• Tray shares what he appreciates about Amy's new morning habits.

• Alternative approaches to food prepping to help you save money and time.

• A meal idea that you can food prep which is ideal for camping or trips.


“The reality is, we will never be blessed with more if we are not responsible with what he have.”

— @amy_cassels [0:08:31]

“It has felt so freeing to know exactly what we have spent and how much we have left over

from what we budget.” — @amy_cassels [0:18:21]

“The words in those songs, if you listen to them, it literally is like God is speaking to you.” —

Tray Cassels [0:25:29]

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