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According to the Cassels

Small, Simple Steps to Good Health

  • S1E38
  • 38:03
  • June 30th 2022

Welcome to a new episode of According to The Cassels! Today, we are chatting about small, simple steps to good health as well as chatting to our daughter, Averi, about her recent mission trip to Alaska.

We discuss seven lifestyle habits that help us improve our lives while getting input from Averi, as well as learning about her perspective on our parenting! From sitting down and eating meals together to creating meaningful relationships, practicing self-care, improving our hygiene, and incorporating movement into our lives, we discuss how these simple things help get us out of our old ways of thinking and into a new and improved lifestyle.

Plus, Averi tells us about her experience in Alaska, how she managed to raise enough money to go, her new perspectives, and the biggest takeaways from her trip. We hope you can join us!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Averi.
  • People’s standard approaches to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Discussing Amy’s guide to small and simple steps to health.
  • 1: Sitting down and eating meals, family connecting time. 
  • Starting with vegetables is the key to a healthy meal.
  • Looking at the meals Amy made for her children.
  • Carrying an eco-friendly water bottle: the key to increasing your water intake.
  • Expressing gratitude for your food. 
  • 2: Relationships, making meaningful connections, and strengthening your connections.
  • The importance of intentionally listening to someone else and asking open-ended questions.
  • The power of sharing your day.
  • How to lend a hand and help everyone around you. 
  • 3: Self-care.
  • Looking at how a person needs 8 or more hours of sleep and beauty rest.
  • 4: Improving your hygiene.
  • The importance of your oral health, flossing, and having a good dentist.
  • Improving your circulation. 
  • 5: Mindset, changing “should” to “could”.
  • 6: Movement.
  • Standing up every 30-60 minutes, getting 10 000 steps a day, and intentional walking.
  • 7: Home practices. 
  • Making your bed, keeping houseplants, turning off your technology early at night. 
  • Discussing Averi’s mission trip to Alaska, how she raised money to go, and her biggest takeaways.


“Your belief about the food that you’re going to eat determines how that food will digest in your body.” — @amy_cassels [0:07:52]

“It is healing for you to speak.”— @amy_cassels [0:11:41]

“Your oral health is a direct reflection of your overall health.”— @amy_cassels [0:16:45]

“Don’t ‘should’ on yourself.”— @amy_cassels [0:20:00]

“The kids may not know it, but they impacted us as we impacted them.” — Averi Cassels [0:35:02]

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