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The Benefits of Float Therapy with Melody Fraser

  • S1E32
  • 32:31
  • May 12th 2022

Finding time in your busy schedule to unwind and reflect is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s fast-paced society. People must find alternatives to attain inner calm to live a happy and healthy life. In today’s show, Amy discusses float therapy with special guest Melody Fraser.

Melody is the owner of Blissful Waters Float Center, which provides float therapy sessions in a relaxing spa environment and specializes in using sensory deprivation methods. Melody suffered from anxiety and stress but found inner calm and focus by using float therapy and aims to share the benefits of floating with as many people as possible. In today’s show we find out more about the benefits of using float therapy, the role of brainwaves during therapy, the advantages of using sensory deprivation, the different healing needs of clients, and the emotional release people feel during float therapy.

We also learn how float therapy can benefit your spiritual health and what first-time clients can expect at Blissful Waters Float Center. Stay tuned to find out how you can get rid of the stress and anxiety in your life with special guest, Melody Fraser!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introduction to today’s guest and her business, Blissful Waters Float Center.
  • Outline of the different therapies available at Blissful Waters.
  • Examples of the different genres of music used during therapy sessions.
  • What Blissful Waters specializes in: sensory deprivation therapy.
  • Amy shares a funny story about her recent experience at Blissful Waters.
  • Melody shares a tip for first-time clients on how to completely relax.
  • Benefits that people can gain from using float therapy and the ultimate goal of it.
  • We find out why Epsom salt is used for therapy sessions.
  • What finding your inner calm will teach you for everyday life.
  • The overall physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of using float therapy.
  • Amy shares a profound experience she had by being able to find her inner calm.
  • How frequently people use the services at Blissful Waters.
  • Melody gives a brief rundown of the different healing needs of her clients.
  • What is the most profound experience that Melody has experienced while floating.
  • Examples of the emotional release that people have while using float therapy.
  • Amy suggests an easy way for people to make float therapy a habit.
  • The type of brainwaves that are involved with float therapy and how to find your alpha state.
  • Examples of the different approaches for staying healthy for different brainwaves.
  • Why people should avoid caffeine to help align your brainwaves and energy.
  • The age that Melody recommends people can start float therapy.
  • The mental and emotional approach needed to lose weight and be healthy.
  • Amy outlines what people can expect at Blissful Waters.
  • What the post-float lounge is and why you should use it.


“I always say, 'When you get into the float tank, the float tank knows what you need.' Sometimes it's a good stretch.” — Melody Fraser [0:11:41]

“It does bring up things from your subconscious.” — Melody Fraser [0:13:25]

“I have to meditate. I have to float. I have to do all things daily to stay in the spot where my body and my brain are equal.” — Melody Fraser [0:19:54]

“I love that floating gives yourself the opportunity to think through those things and to slow down.” — @amy_cassels [0:20:25]

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