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What Makes Oils ‘Essential’ with Dr. Cole Woolley

  • S1E41
  • 50:38
  • July 21st 2022

You can find essential oils everywhere nowadays, but not all essential oils are created equal. Young Living, founded by Gary Young, came from humble beginnings but is now a multibillion dollar company with farms and distilleries all over the world.

They are the epitome of high quality essential oils. Today’s guest, Dr. Cole Woolley worked as an analytical chemist on many projects for Young Living and he joins us to share what his role entailed, and the many factors that make Young Living products unique.

For those who don’t know, essential oils are the substances that plants use to heal themselves and to communicate with the outside world. When they are harvested and distilled into liquid form, they have benefits to humans that range from physical to emotional to spiritual. Tune in today to hear about the incredible properties of essential oils!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Cole explains where his journey with Young Living began. 
  • Examples that highlight the relationship that Young Living has with their partner farms, and the role that he played in establishing these relationships.
  • Problems with many essential oil supply chains.
  • How to harvest frankincense.
  • Cole shares a description of what essential oils are.
  • The process to get essential oils out of a plant.
  • Examples of the benefits of essential oils to humans.
  • The challenge of measuring the frequency of essential oils.
  • An explanation of the concepts of handedness chemistry. 
  • Factors that made the work that Cole did at Young Living so unique. 
  • Natural variations that exist within the chemistry profile of plants.
  • The value in communicating with your plants. 
  • Young Living’s approach to weeding. 
  • An ode to the founder of Young Living, Gary Young.


“Every essential oil that Young Living has is so precious and has a story behind it.” — @amy_cassels [0:10:51]

“Plants send out essential oil chemicals. Those chemicals are a way to heal the plant or communicate with the outside world.” — Dr. Cole Woolley [0:19:04]

“If you smell lavender flowers or lavender essential oils, you will relax.” — Dr. Cole Woolley [0:20:29]

“We brought really good science into the exploration of the quality of essential oils.” — Dr. Cole Woolley [0:25:57]

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