2,572 hours ago: How I spent my summer artwork
Adam Stoner

2,572 hours ago: How I spent my summer

  • 09:30
  • September 5th 2021

I left this space 2,572 ago on my 26th birthday, exhausted and anxious.

Living online for the past fifteen months had worn me out in a way interacting in person never did and whilst working, writing, podcasting, and publishing fulfilled a desire to be heard, it came at a cost of being seen

More people saw, read, and listened to things I had made in those fifteen months than Belgium, Barbados, Bermuda and Bahrain have people, combined. Previously taught that your value as a creative is not in what you make but in what you market, I took time over the past few months to take a different tact: doing what I want.

As a reminder, there's also a written version of this podcast that I send out as an email newsletter. They're intended to be consumed side-by-side – adamstoner.com/return is the place to read it.

I'm now back – and better (thanks for waiting) – and in the several months that have passed since we last spoke, two billionaires touched the edge of space, Wimbledon, the Euros, and the Olympics all came and went, and almost one million more people laid eyes or ears on my work.

Adam Stoner

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