Idaho ranching challenges with ICA Executive Director Cameron Mulrony artwork
Ag Proud - Idaho Podcast

Idaho ranching challenges with ICA Executive Director Cameron Mulrony

  • S2E26
  • 38:55
  • October 17th 2022

Host Homer Jaynes interviews Idaho Cattle Association (ICA) Executive Director Cameron Mulrony in this recording. They discuss growth in the state and how uninformed residents affect all of agriculture. They also talk about herd reduction nationwide and market impacts, extreme legislative movements concerning cattle in neighboring states, stock water rights and a host of Idaho ranching concerns and challenges. Get caught up on many current industry issues before the ICA annual convention in Sun Valley!

Today’s podcast is sponsored by Idaho Farm and Ranch Center.

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The Farm and Ranch Conference will address key issues affecting Idaho producers. Attendees should be ready to engage with a variety of nationally renowned speakers, concurrent workshops, and panel discussions focused on managing finances, overcoming challenges, and planning for the future of the farm.

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