What’s my book about? with Wayne Peet from A Road Trip to Mars – a Triptych part 1 artwork
American in Tent

What’s my book about? with Wayne Peet from A Road Trip to Mars – a Triptych part 1

  • S4E11
  • 19:49
  • August 11th 2021

This is my beat poem introducing a Spoken Word universe about torn value systems, consumerist pursuits, celebrity overload, chatter, the disproportion, aliens among strangers, strangers among strangers, and an astronaut named John K Mercury hurtling toward Mars in search of meaning.

with Stephanie Vlahos and Wayne Peet and Blasto!

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American in Tent


Exploring the art of the possible with podcasting of original stories and voices

"Though we perhaps haven’t been able to travel to the USA as much as we might have liked in the past year, this spoken word show is just the transportation needed to become immersed in current American Life. From baseball to outer space, this lively event features performance artists, playwrights, composers, musical theatre performers, emerging talent, gender-driven narratives, singers, fantasy, drama, comedy, tragedy, jazz, opera, hip-hop and American art; creators from across the 52 states who are bringing their thought-provoking narratives on travel sustainability and diversity to the small UK screen." Conde Naste Traveller – Style and Culture (About American [in]Tent)

A virtual spoken word venue featuring a diverse and inclusive collective of artists and performers.

"The American in Tent is a collective of American artists expressing their take on the  American narrative more personally while mitigating the carbon footprint of global festivals. We honor diversity and positive inclusion while freely exploring everything that ails us. We welcome cultural exchange and seek to be part of a greater global awareness. Even in the darkest of times, the artist’s voice must be heard." Stephanie Vlahos

Whether attending a live theatre event or an art gallery, people value their engagement with art. It is the most succinct interface between what we experience in our world and how we process it. 

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We Are Vocal
Bringing voice to the spoken word

We ARE VOCAL sees artists as thought-leaders always searching for new mediums of expression. We believe that the virtual space is a stage with an intimate engagement through soliloquys transforming into theatrical mindscapes.

Nothing can replace the visceral energy of a stage performance, being inches from a great work of art, sitting in the womb of a resonant concert hall hearing every gesture of the cellist, but…increasingly, we purchase tickets to virtual Broadway and opera, download mp4s, pore over an artist’s oeuvre on an online gallery.

The creators of We Are Vocal can’t duplicate the textured experience of what is live, but we can seek to offer an alternative to a night out at the movies or a binge out on your favourite series. We offer entertainment that will make you think and a continuing relationship with art. 

From the art of the possible to art of the probable. We Are supports performers, writers and directors.

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  • an expanding group of artists promoting diversity and positive inclusion while freely exploring everything that ails us.
  • using Spoken Word toward artful engagement and learning, meanwhile reducing negative impact on the environment.
  • seeking fruitful cultural exchange and greater global awareness.
  • exploring ways to ensure that even in the darkest of times, the artist’s voice is heard.