Ep.77 Dr. Darian Parker, PhD. How to Get More Out Of Your Fitness Goals artwork
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Ep.77 Dr. Darian Parker, PhD. How to Get More Out Of Your Fitness Goals

  • S1E77
  • 24:11
  • October 20th 2020

We are joined by Dr. Darian Parker, PhD., the co-owner of EPIC Leisure Management, to discuss how we can get more out of our fitness goals.

To start, he is helping us understand the 3 categories and what they mean in terms of our goals: Exercise, Physical Activity and Movement - because they all have different goals.

Ultimately, however, it's clear that most of us have no goals when it comes to our exercise, physical activity or movement routines, and more importantly most of us are not tested physically very often.

As Dr. Darian says, if you're comfortable, you're not growing and you're not improving!

In this episode:

0:00 welcome

1:51 how should we define exercise

2:19 the 3 categories of fitness

4:14 progress and change

5:35 chronic adaptation

7:04 exercise is not entertainment

9:06 embrace the hurt

10:43 accountability is key

11:58 you're feelings lie to you

14:15 friction points & your excuses

15:00 Realistic Entry Points

19:00 what are your expectations

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