Ep.85 Tobias Hofmeister - How To Get More Out Of Our Mindset & Relationships artwork
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Ep.85 Tobias Hofmeister - How To Get More Out Of Our Mindset & Relationships

  • S1E85
  • 22:48
  • November 17th 2020

Today we are speaking with Tobias Hofmeister about how we can get more out of our mindset and relationships.

About Tobias:

I am infectiously enthusiastic about the unlimited opportunities laying ahead of us and have a gift to inspire the people around me to reveal and express their unique talents. I believe in the transformative power of community and create environments that radiate love, trust, honesty, openness and courage.

At Superhumans, I work on blurring the lines between entrepreneurship and spirituality. We're nurturing a community uniting positive people who are curious to explore deep into their human experience and the impact they can create in the world. As Head of Transformational Community at Pracademy, I support leaders in the innovation, design thinking and corporate transformation space to learn from each other, support each other through challenges and celebrate wins on their journeys to amplifying their impact.

Let’s co-create a world of conscious, transformative business!

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