Code Name: Juggernaut artwork
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Code Name: Juggernaut

  • S13E7
  • 21:36
  • May 23rd 2023

It's America, early in the Twenty-First Century...

Howard Brennan, a brilliant but deranged ex-USAF colonel and nuclear engineer, seethes with rage over being publically cashiered from the service after clashes with superiors over policy. Adrift and embittered, nothing seems to matter to him anymore...except obtaining vengeance against the federal government which destroyed his once promising career. He has devised the perfect means to achieve that vengeance.

Jacqueline Lynch, alias ‘the Jack-L' is a seductive, highly skilled and ruthless assassin---a hitwoman for WEREWOLF, a neo-Nazi terrorist group. She is in a romantic relationship with Brennan and has agreed to assist him in his plan.

Douglas Rabson is an FBI agent investigating a string of murders attributed to the mysterious Jack-L. Step-by-step, the agent unravels details of the plan, and is in a race against time to stop the murderous pair before they can carry out the ultimate nightmare.

Now fate has drawn Brennan, Lynch and Rabson together, culminating in a bizarre plot bearing the Code Name: Juggernaut.

Time is running out...

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