Dr. Pladoos's Expedition : Dr. Pladoo's Expedition to Lion Den artwork
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Dr. Pladoos's Expedition : Dr. Pladoo's Expedition to Lion Den

  • S13E12
  • 02:43
  • July 27th 2023

This book is about a group of young adults whose desire is to see the lion den and capture their images right out of the lions’ natural habitat was more of an unquenchable flame. Led by Dr. Pladoo and their science teacher, Mr. Roberts, the experiential learning was very much welcomed. They learned the practical side of a project as well as a useful learning method and the concepts of math and economics and the elements of the earth.

Lions are territorial beasts, they inhabit a wide range of ecosystems, making their home anywhere there are prey and adequate shelter.

Despite their individual shortcomings, their success was due to their determination and cooperative attitude toward one another and to the leaders. The quest to discover the lion den subsequently led to unimaginable fun and awards.

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