Plant-Based Whole Food Recipes Healthy Homemade Meals Made Easy artwork
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Plant-Based Whole Food Recipes Healthy Homemade Meals Made Easy

  • S14E6
  • 03:02
  • October 25th 2023

The author introduces you to a few ingredients from Chinese or Asian culture, such as bitter melon, okra, Lotus root, Wood ear mushroom, Shiitake mushroom or Gai lan broccoli. These exotic vegetables made the recipes unique, healthy and scrumptious. You just have to try it for yourself! Altogether this recipe book offers seventy plus meal ideas on a Whole Food Plant Based diet. Besides environment friendly, the highlights of this book are:

1. A full color recipe book

2. 70 + healthy meal ideas

3. Gluten-Free recipes

4. Healthy Vegan Recipes

5. Whole Grain & Legume Recipes

6. Raw Food Recipes

7. Meal preparation made easy

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