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Back of the PAC

March of the Pippin

  • S1E7
  • 17:53
  • March 21st 2022

How far would you go to preserve the entities that you love in Wenatchee? That's the question we ask in this episode of Back of the PAC as Matthew Pippin endeavors on another trek that will see him walking all over the Valley to raise money for the Numerica Performing Arts Center. Find out how this March of the Pippin got started, why the PAC means so much to Matthew, and how you can do your part.

To donate to Matthew's cause visit or call 663-ARTS.

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Back of the PAC

They call it the "Miracle on Wenatchee Avenue". The Numerica Performing Arts Center in Wenatchee, Washington was never meant to be built, some say. Now, over 30 years later it is a thriving hub of theater, music, art, drama, comedy and more.

With a new Executive Director in the hot seat, the curtain is being pulled back to reveal how the magic of this wondrous place happens. Join us, as we travel to the Back Of The PAC.

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