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Bang the Drum

Cash is King

  • S1E1
  • 39:05
  • November 14th 2022

In this episode, host Emma Sheppard is joined by Donald Boyd, Head of Growth at Azets, and Josh Levy, CEO of Ultimate Finance, for a deep dive into what SME businesses must do to protect cashflow amid some of the toughest global economic challenges many will ever face.

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Bang the Drum

Brought to you by Azets, the international outsourcing, compliance and advisory group, each episode, host Emma Sheppard will be joined by specialist advisors and business leaders to discuss the latest trends and topics, and provide practical advice for ambitious SME owners and entrepreneurs.

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Emma Sheppard
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Emma Sheppard is a freelance journalist specialising in all things small business. She writes regularly for The Guardian, The Times, Sifted Magazine and more