Episode 97: Why Time Does NOT Equal Money! artwork
Adulthood: Revisited

Episode 97: Why Time Does NOT Equal Money!

  • S1E97
  • 13:07
  • January 26th 2021

Hola, friends!

Welcome back, welcome back!

Time Equals Money.

I'm confident many of us have heard this at some point in our lives.

Why is this such a popular belief, and why is it ingrained in us from early on in life?

I recently got through a book, Confessions of a Persuasion Hitman by Ian Stanley.

Ian is known as a copywriter, and an internet marketer.

In his book, he shares some takeaways from his career in copywriting and marketing.

One of his big takeaways was that time DOES NOT equal money.

I've felt this way for some time, so it was refreshing to come across someone else who also feels so passionately against this construct.

In any given second of our existence, millions and millions of dollars of value are being exchanged and transferred.

That exchange does not operate within the construct of time equals money.

You, and I, and Elon Musk, and Oprah are all human beings.

No one has any greater access nor any lesser access to the Universe, so how is it that Elon Musk and Oprah don't operate within the time equals money construct, but we do?

As we start picking up the pieces from the COVID-19 fallout, we all have opportunities to create for ourselves.

If you've felt stuck at a job, or if you've been out of work, or maybe you are stuck in business that feels like a drain on your existence (I can sympathize), I invite you to open yourself up to something outside and bigger than trading your time for money.

How much would you pay to get back an hour of your life? This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast.

Adulthood: Revisited

I dunno about y'all, but in the last few years I've been trying to figure who I am.

I've asked myself who am I as a person, as a man, as a partner in relationship, who am I in business.

I wonder if who I am is really who I want to be

If not, when did it change, and what can I do to tap into who I really want to be.

If you've asked yourself questions like these, then I invite you to join me on this journey, Adulthood: Revisited.