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Unraveling your Money Story with Bari Tessler

  • S1E105
  • 40:14
  • March 14th 2023

Join me this week with Bari Tessler, a Financial Therapist, author of book, The Art of Money, a Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness.

I have been following her for some time now and I love her work because she blends financial literacy with emotional literacy and body-centered work. She's a pioneer in the field of financial literacy and has also is the founder of The Art of Money, a year-long money school for lay folks and a 4-month Mentor program for therapists, coaches, and financial professionals.

Many of us pay too much attention to the numbers and our bookkeeping instead of what's truly, deeply important to us and who we are. Her unique process of using somatic tools to connect to our money story equips us to be able to do a body check-in and calm ourselves down when we face challenges like learning a new bookkeeping system or facing our accounts

90% of our money decisions are based on our emotions, and we have all had some kind of financial literacy education but most of us don't learn about money psychology or the emotions of money. Merging financial literacy and emotional literacy are essential, we all have missing pieces in our financial education, and for many, emotional literacy is the missing piece.

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