"Families, Addiction, and Grieving" Interview with Gloria Englund, MA and Margaret Swift Thompson, MS artwork
Behavioral Health Integration

"Families, Addiction, and Grieving" Interview with Gloria Englund, MA and Margaret Swift Thompson, MS

  • S2E14
  • 1:01:58
  • November 14th 2022

In this special BHI episode, I had the great pleasure of discussing the topic of substance use addiction, family systems, and the process of grieving with Gloria Englund and Margaret Swift Thompson.

We went into discussions on how family members may communicate and set boundaries with a loved one who has a substance abuse addiction.

Gloria self-discloses her own experience regarding her son's addiction and what she learned from that experience. Both Glorian and Margaret explain what they have learned working with individuals with substance abuse and their families.

We also get into the topic of grieving and how it may look different for each individual morning of the loss of a loved one.

It was a tremendous honor having Margaret and Gloria on the show!

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Gloria's Book

Living in the Wake of Addiction: Lessons for Courageous Caregiving 


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[email protected]

P# 715-501-3892



Behavioral Health Integration

Behavioral Health Integration is helping to create awareness and collaboration among behavioral health workers. The main focus of Behavioral Health Integration is to increase knowledge and awareness on the behavioral health field for those planning to enter the field and the individuals that are currently in it.

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