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"Ketamine Assisted Therapy" Interview with Gregory Simelgor, MD, Anesthesiologist

  • S1E43
  • 54:49
  • August 23rd 2022

In today's BHI episode I had the pleasure of having the founder of the Minnesota Ketamine Clinic Gregory Simelogor, MD on the show today.

In today's discussion we look at the history of Ketamine and the progress it has made to be used as a therapeutic tool for individuals suffering from disorders like depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

Dr. Simelogor explains his policies and procedures as it comes to helping patients obtain Ketamine therapy and the biological effects ketamine can have on an individual.

We also get into a discussion on the negative stigma some of the healthcare professionals still have with Ketamine as well as how we as professionals can help make Ketamine more affordable for all patients in need of it.

Dr. Simelgor also explains the intake process he uses with patients to help determine if they are an optimal candidate for Ketamine infusions.

It was an honor having Dr.Simelgor on the show!

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