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Behavioral Health Integration

"The Art of Encore Living" Interview with Scott Perry Encore Life Coach

  • S1E49
  • 38:36
  • September 8th 2022

It was a great pleasure having Scott Perry on the show.

We had a great conversation on how Scott originally got motivated to become an Encore Life Coach as well as what makes Encore life coaches different than other life coaches.

Scott then gets into further detail on his approach while helping other individuals.

Encore Life Coach: Build a coaching business in midlife to make a difference while you make a living. It’s time to live your legacy!

It was a great experience having Scott as a special guest!

Scott Perry's contact information



[email protected]



Behavioral Health Integration

Behavioral Health Integration is helping to create awareness and collaboration among behavioral health workers. The main focus of Behavioral Health Integration is to increase knowledge and awareness on the behavioral health field for those planning to enter the field and the individuals that are currently in it.

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