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BEYOND CODE IS LAW: Decentralized Governance, Dissected

Created by Podcast Q • 5 episodes

BEYOND CODE IS LAW: Decentralized Governance, Dissected

Bi-monthly discussions dissecting governance of the most newsworthy projects in Web3: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Brought to you by




Meet the Hosts

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Alice Zhang

    Alice Zhang is a multilingual strategist and public speaker, currently co-hosting Beyond Code is Law alongside Joshua Hale. With an impressive background that spans legal research, international affairs, and management consulting, Alice Zhang brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse perspective to the podcast.

    Based in the Netherlands, Alice Zhang is proficient in several languages including French, English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. This linguistic prowess enables a unique ability to connect with a global audience and bring a multinational perspective to discussions about decentralized governance.

    Currently leading projects at Q Development AG, Alice Zhang has a deep understanding of the intricacies of decentralized systems. This expertise was further honed through a stint as a Legal Researcher for the UN Special Rapporteur on extra-judicial summary or arbitrary executions in Geneva, Switzerland.

    This experience, coupled with roles at Postera Capital and Oliver Wyman, showcases a keen insight into the intersection of technology, governance, and business.

    With an academic background from the University of Oxford in Law and a Master's degree in International Affairs and Global Security from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies , Alice Zhang is well-equipped to dissect the complex layers of decentralized governance on: Beyond Code is Law

    Key Topics: Decentralized Governance, Legal Analysis, Global Security, Technology in Governance

    Languages: French, English, Mandarin Chinese (Native or Bilingual); Spanish (Limited Working); Dutch (Elementary)

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    Joshua Hale

    Joshua Hale is not just an accomplished attorney and a globally recognized speaker; he's also a seasoned podcast host known for his work on dērecōde. Now, he brings his expertise and unique global insights to Beyond Code is Law, a podcast dedicated to exploring the intricate world of decentralized governance.

    Based in Columbus, Ohio, with a professional footprint in over 40 countries, Joshua Hale combines his legal acumen, extensive experience in startup companies, and a deep understanding of crypto and AI to delve into the evolving landscape of decentralized governance. His ability to articulate complex concepts in an engaging and accessible manner makes him an ideal guide through the nuances of this cutting-edge field.

    As a single father and an avid traveler, Joshua brings a relatable and human touch to his discussions. He connects the dots between technology, governance, and everyday life, offering listeners a well-rounded perspective on how decentralized systems are reshaping our world.

    In Beyond Code is Law, Joshua Hale focuses on the implications, challenges, and potentials of decentralized governance. He engages with thought leaders, innovators, and policymakers, offering his audience a front-row seat to the conversations shaping the future of governance in the digital age.

    Key Topics: Decentralized Governance, Cryptocurrency, Legal Insights, Startup Ecosystem, Artificial Intelligence, Global Trends

    Languages: English, Spanish