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Marketing Isn’t Just For Big Companies - with Orly Zeewy

  • S1E7
  • 30:01
  • February 17th 2024

In today’s episode we speak with brand and marketing expert Orly Zeewy about where to start with marketing, why it’s not just for big companies + how to improve what you’re already doing. 

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Orly’s book - Ready Launch Brand - Orly Zeewy

Orly’s Recommended Books: The Brand Gap - Marti  Neumeier

Zag - Marti  Neumeier


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The Biz Book Broadcast

Liz Scully spent 20 years working on big Hollywood films - she’s won an Emmy and her work is multi-Oscar nominated.  

She travelled the world working with massive Visual FX teams + worked far too many weekends so film directors got their perfect shot. 

Now, she's a business strategist and a Mastermind coach and she'll help you do equally spectacular things with your business. 

Growth is all about having a clear and simple strategy where each daily task moves the whole business along in many areas. She’s here to help you earn more, work less and have much more fun in your business. 

She’s created training on how to run the most effective Mastermind groups on the planet (humans really are better together). And with Evil Coach strategy, training so good, it’s not only effective but actually entertaining. Very rare.

Liz is a fully fledged book nerd + reads a couple of books a day. She’s sifted through them to find the most effective books for you + your biz.

Plus she’s bringing in many of her pals from her days in advertising, commercials, media and speaking - to get you the very best conversation + primo book recommendations.

She's Irish, nomadic and as confused as everyone else why she has an English accent.