How Chrishan Wright Turned Her Blaxit Into a Platform of Possibilities with Blaxit Global artwork
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How Chrishan Wright Turned Her Blaxit Into a Platform of Possibilities with Blaxit Global

  • S1E3
  • 1:25:01
  • February 5th 2024

We're taking you on a Virtual Voyage to Portugal, and in this episode, Courtney talks to the incredibly insightful Chrishan Wright.

Originally from the Bronx, Chrishan is now based in Lisbon, Portugal, and is the founder of Blaxit Global, a podcast and digital community that empowers other expats, aspiring expats and re-pats with the resources they need to make their own bold moves abroad.

Connect with Chrishan & Blaxit Global:

In This Episode:

00:00 Meet Chrishan

05:26 How she decided to make her own travel dreams come true by taking a trip to New Zealand, which re-ignited her lifelong desire to live abroad.

15:18 The socio-political issues in the USA that catalyzed her move abroad..

33:19 How Blaxit Global supports aspiring expats with relocating and building a like-minded community.

43:19 Her cultural immersion and how she finds a sense of belonging in Portugal.

47:57: How she has embraced self-care and healthier lifestyle changes.

51:51: #AskAnExpat with Chrishan + Opportunity to become a FRIEND OF THE SHOW to unlock the full extended interview

55:36: How she has grown personally as a result of her expat experience..

01:03:35: What she thinks of the Blaxit movement and its evolution.

01:14:00: The sacrifices she’s made to secure her own freedom.

01:18:04: What she’s most proud of.

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