Mental Health Check In artwork
Black in the Middle

Mental Health Check In

  • S2E18
  • 1:25:45
  • June 11th 2021

It's been a while since our last check in on the crew's mental so the time is now. This episodes dives into the stressors of life - kids, health, wealth, relationships and...oh yeah...WORK. Not to mention this Covid-19 world that we live in and all of the changes we endure. The crew measures their mental health on a scale of 1-10 and talks about how they are going to get to a TEN, a frickin' TEN! Most the episode is dominated by Tim and all his problems juxtaposed to all of his ideas for solutions so if you're a part of the T-Hive or Worms World, 

Black in the Middle

Middle class, middle of map and just always stuck in between. This is a podcast about a three black friends who grew up in the burbs and how the battle of nature vs nurture turned them into the men they are today. Follow along as they layout a blueprint on addressing, engaging and making decisions based on cultural biases and varying perspectives.