The Slap Heard Round the World artwork
Black in the Middle

The Slap Heard Round the World

  • S3E11
  • 42:23
  • April 19th 2022

In lieu of the Will Smith (53) Chris Rock (57) slap heard round the world, we figured now would be a good time to answer the question “When is violence the answer?” In this episode the crew recaps what happened, weighs in on the choice of a slap versus a punch, talks about public humiliation, the effect on the Smith children and explores alternative remedies for this strange, jaw dropping situation.

What did Will Smith Reaffirm in the minds of “other races” with his actions? Did he effectively send a message for future jokes about his wife or do you think the most hilarious comedy special is in the works?

Would he have hit a white comedian? Female? Will said “Love will make you do crazy things”, but was that actually love that we witnessed?

Tune in for answers to these questions in more on the latest Black in the Middle Podcast episode. 

Black in the Middle

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