The Update: September 17 artwork
Black in the Middle

The Update: September 17

  • S1E32
  • 1:05:27
  • September 18th 2020

The NFL is back but the crew (for some strange reason) talks about the different eras of the NBA, best athlete rappers and Roy vs Mike. There's an African American Studies professors coming out of the racial closet (she white, pretending to be black), Breonna Taylor's family get's $12M (only 3 cops behind bars short of justice) and Herman and Tim give a BITM Book Club update on what their reading.

There's a lot more packed in this episode so give it a listen and give us some feedback!

Black in the Middle

Middle class, middle of map and just always stuck in between. This is a podcast about a three black friends who grew up in the burbs and how the battle of nature vs nurture turned them into the men they are today. Follow along as they layout a blueprint on addressing, engaging and making decisions based on cultural biases and varying perspectives.