White Adjacency: Did it Shape Us? artwork
Black in the Middle

White Adjacency: Did it Shape Us?

  • S3E30
  • 1:23:10
  • November 18th 2022

This episode of Black in the Middle comes straight from the comments section. A social media clip from our interview with The Situational Therapist went viral and... Y'all went off in the comments. Some of you agreed. Some of you disagreed. It was a fantastic back and forth.

One comment that really made us think involved White Adjacency, or the idea that POC in white spaces enjoy life advantages based solely on a proximity to whiteness. Do we think that's true? Is it unavoidable in the middle? And does it explain why we've always felt stuck in between? Listen up and find out.

Black in the Middle

Middle class, middle of map and just always stuck in between. This is a podcast about a three black friends who grew up in the burbs and how the battle of nature vs nurture turned them into the men they are today. Follow along as they layout a blueprint on addressing, engaging and making decisions based on cultural biases and varying perspectives.