Why Must I Justify My Blackness artwork
Black in the Middle

Why Must I Justify My Blackness

  • S2E32
  • 1:21:06
  • September 19th 2021

When 50% of black population live in the south and you're not in a city like D.C., Chicago or Detroit, do you feel that because you are raised suburban versus urban that you need to justify your blackness?

The crew unpacks this question and many others in this episode.

How black is your home? Do you feel like your sexual/life partner selection makes you need to justify your blackness?

Tim says that once you mix and mingle cultures your blackness erodes. With that said, does that exude in your everyday life? What about if the roles are reversed?

Black in the Middle

Middle class, middle of map and just always stuck in between. This is a podcast about a three black friends who grew up in the burbs and how the battle of nature vs nurture turned them into the men they are today. Follow along as they layout a blueprint on addressing, engaging and making decisions based on cultural biases and varying perspectives.