Genuine Email List Relationships And How To Build Them (Episode 2) artwork
Blogga Booster

Genuine Email List Relationships And How To Build Them (Episode 2)

  • S1E2
  • 53:51
  • May 2nd 2021

As we learnt in the last episode finding ways to build genuine email list relationships via our email marketing should be our top priority. Done the right way you’ll be able to form long term, and mutually beneficial relationships with your list. Your customers benefit from your recommendations and delivery of solutions that work. And you benefit through continued sales. 

Many times, beginning marketers opt to grow their social media following, rather than emailing their list. They do this to avoid looking pushy or annoying. But think about it, receiving a personal mail in your inbox is more personal and meaningful. Dependent on your niche there are probably another 800 posts on facebook that are promoting the same product or solution. 

It’s all about developing relationships. And to do that you need to communicate personally.

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