Ep. 28: How to Get Started in the Healthcare Consulting Industry w/ Elle Pierson artwork
BNE presents: The Trend

Ep. 28: How to Get Started in the Healthcare Consulting Industry w/ Elle Pierson

  • S2E28
  • 56:19
  • May 18th 2021

Healthcare Consultant, Nurse, Author, TEDx Speaker, and Mentor to aspiring Healthcare Consultants are just a few of the many roles Elle Pierson encompasses. Elle is the Principal Consultant and Founder of The Reputation Advisors, a Brand Experience & Crisis Communications Consulting Agency that helps organizations protect their brand from internal and external reputation threats. Accomplished in healthcare business strategy, Elle commends her understanding of the healthcare industry and devotion to evolving the patient journey to her 16-year nursing career. Her experience as a nursing leader in combination with her Bachelor of Science and Executive MBA degrees from Texas Woman’s University, inspired Elle to disrupt the traditional role of the healthcare professional. In Elle’s book, The Power of Expertise (How to Reach Infinite Income Potential as a Nurse Consultant,) Elle shares the strategies and framework for healthcare professionals to transition from traditional healthcare roles into the consulting industry. You can listen to Elle share consulting success tips and interview other Healthcare Consultants on the Podcast, “The Network”, available on iTunes, Google Podcasts or Stitcher.

www.TheHealthcareConsultantNetwork.com | @ElleTheConsultant (IG/FB) @HealthcareConsultantNetwork (IG/FB) | YouTube: The Healthcare Consultant Network

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BNE presents: The Trend

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