Turf's Up Radio - How to best handle the busy season artwork
Bookkeeping, Beer & BS

Turf's Up Radio - How to best handle the busy season

  • S1E68
  • 59:01
  • May 17th 2022

Hey there, Biz Nerds.

Spring is here and now we are drinking from a fire hose, how do we handle the rush!?

In this episode, we dive into how bookkeeping is a little bit different from other business services in terms of bottlenecks, hiring, and training, as well as what we do in our businesses, what to focus on, how we can train and hire people during busy periods and when things aren't as hectic, and more.

Grab that cold beer of yours and let's go!

Bookkeeping, Beer & BS

This show is for all of us that run (or aspire to run) Service businesses and hate that we have to keep track of all this crazy nonsensical accounting stuff that seems to be written in a different language by people that don’t know what fun is. So, we’re going to change that. We’re going to make this fun. We’re going to open a beer. We’re going to give really quick, simple tips to help you manage your books in a way that makes sense and is easy to repeat. We’re going to drink that beer. We’re going to give the person closest to us a high five and then go make some money.

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