Patty Smith on Perfect Job Candidates, Harvard MBA Mentorship & Nurturing Human Potential artwork
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Patty Smith on Perfect Job Candidates, Harvard MBA Mentorship & Nurturing Human Potential

  • S1E38
  • 33:13
  • January 28th 2021

Patty Smith is the CEO and Co-founder of Managerie, a platform connecting hiring managers to professionals looking to advance their careers on the basis of their professional growth goals and aligned company mission, setting up potential connections for a future hire. Managerie has attracted over 400+ candidates to support the delicate construction of high-performing teams, which balances a genuine human connection with a laser focus on dynamic professional growth. Managerie is advised by Dr. Frances Frei [HBS Professor and Uber, WeWork culture-fixer], Jared Erondu [Head of Design at Lattice], and Alex Roetter [ex-SVP of Engineering at Twitter].

Before founding Managerie, Patty built the Analytics function at Lattice from scratch. During her tenure, she owned all source-of-truth company data while the company grew from $3M to $20M in ARR and supported Series B and Series C fundraises. Lattice supports over 3,670+ People leaders to create processes of continuous performance management through their suite of People Management tools.

Prior to working in HR tech, Patty worked in Operations at Apple and in Marketing at Lumosity. She graduated from Harvard Business School in 2016 and Harvard College in 2011 studying Applied Math with a minor in Psychology. In her free time [pre-COVID], Patty enjoys acting in a parody-driven Backyard Theater Troupe in San Francisco, rock climbing, and leading weekly morning workouts.

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