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Brave Dynamics: Authentic Leadership Reflections

Ryan Chew on COO Skills, Order in Chaos for Blockchain and Army vs. Startup Leadership

  • S1E39
  • 30:17
  • February 4th 2021

Ryan Chew is a second-generation serial entrepreneur and COO of Tribe, a deep technology innovation, talent & education platform supported by the Singapore government. Tribe’s ecosystem is supported by some of the world's leading organisations including AXA, BMW Group Asia, Citibank, Enterprise Singapore, EY, IBM, IMDA, Intel, MAS, Nielsen, PwC, R3, SGInnovate, Temasek, Ubisoft, WeBank and other partners to build up a neutral and hyperconnected innovation platform.

Prior to Tribe Accelerator, Ryan served as Managing Director [Asia Pacific] and member of the Board of Director of Verlocal, a Silicon Valley startup. In 12 months, he grew the company from inception to a team of 10, helping more than 100 SMEs and freelancers turn their passion into their profession.

Ryan also spent several years in the startup scene, having founded several startups ranging from gaming apps to utility apps including Fixir, an Uber for car repairs. His previous startup was accelerated by Plug and Play, Mercedes, Singapore Press Holdings, ideasinc. His first gaming mobile app was acquired when he was 21.

As a serial entrepreneur, he is on a mission to help build sustainable communities that will enable promising companies to leverage on new frontier technologies. Ryan is also a Commissioned Officer of the Singapore Armed Forces [Military] and recipient of the Commanding Officer Coin. Currently, he holds the rank of Captain in the Singapore Artillery.

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Brave Dynamics: Authentic Leadership Reflections

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