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Build Your Core with Sarita Johan

You get what you accept, how to recognize non-commitment in a Business and Life Partnership with Sarita Johan

  • 13:00
  • December 26th 2021

Episode 38 You get what you accept, how to recognize non-commitment in a Business and Life Partnership In episode 37 we explored what commitment is and now lets dive into the first of 3 ideas of how to make this as strong as possible in your partnership. “Unless Commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes … but no plans.” – Peter Drucker As I mentioned in the last episode the reason why people are unwilling to commit can have different ways on how this plays out, at the core of it it is often caused by people liking the idea of it but then when they have to follow through things like fear of failure or in my view often the fear of success can pop up its ugly head. You see these are things you don’t often get taught in Business School, self-management and discipline are fundamental pieces to this complex puzzle. As you would have experienced to change something you more than likely need to give something up. So, people, often unconsciously choose the easier path. Did you answer the guess what in the previous episode? The guess what is, that as long as you spend time with me here or when I coach you this is not an option. Is it easy hell no, is it possible hell yes! Idea no 1. · How do you recognize non-commitment (language)? In this episode I want to address this beautiful thing called language. Language is such an interesting and powerful communication and observation tool providing you know what to look out for. In my coaching discovery sessions this is the first thing I listen out for. What words are people using and in what context. Examples of non-committal language are try, should, couldn’t, mustn't’. Do not accept just because. Commitment builds trust, commitment turns ideas into reality. So why is it so hard? It requires discipline. Every time we break a commitment with ourselves and others, it affects everything over time including trust. In the next episode Episode 39 Breaking the cycle of non-commitment by how you make decisions in your Business and Life Partnership. You want to join me for the next episode as I zoom into an area that often does not get spoken about, decision making, do you know how you do this? And how does this impact commitment?

Join me after for episode 39 Breaking the cycle of non-commitment by knowing how you make decisions in your Business and Life Partnership #language #communciation #coaching #business #partnerships

Build Your Core with Sarita Johan

Build your Core is about building and strengthening the people side of your business. What are the key elements to build a strong core? Join me weekly as I take you on the journey of how the 5 pillars, being Clarity, Communication, Collaboration, Confidence and Commitment, will help you and your people Play your/their A-Game from the inside out. In this season the focus is on Business Partnerships (those formed through a romantic connection or through blood). A partnership like this can set you well ahead of the game, the question is, it genius or a recipe for disaster? I believe it can be genius, if... set up and structured well.

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Sarita Johan
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Sarita Johan brings more than 30 years of Business experience. After spending her career climbing the corporate ladder, running her own businesses and juggling family and relationships – she doesn’t just talk the talk she’s walked the walk.

SJ Coaching was born out of the desire to be more. A snapped femur, financial hardship, and a broken marriage led Sarita to completely redesign her life. 

She walked away from her high-profile career, invested in self-development and became a NLP Master Practitioner and ADVanced Innermetrix consultant which has allowed her to deeply understand how people think and make decisions. Because of that Sarita is able to deliver a holistic solution for those in business, teaching people to become more conscious of that we are not our business and the need to consider all areas of life.

Her unique blend of business and mindset coaching empowers her clients to identify their business blind spots and success blocks so they can prosper in both business and life.

Sarita specialises in coaching for People in Business with:

  • Dynamic duos in Business and Life:
  • You love your partner and your family - so why don’t you love working with them? Managing and consulting within many Dynamic Duo businesses, Sarita understands the intricacies and unique tensions faced by those doing business and life.
  • Partnerships:
  • A business partnership is a great way to start a business. Combining ideas, capital, skills and support can fast track your business growth. Like any other relationship it requires constant review and work. What happens though when you evolve? Sarita knows how to work with you to ensure this relationship doesn’t end up sour.
  • SME's with teams:
  • You started your business with a vision and as your growing you want your team to grow with you, you are looking at ways to improve, deliver the X factor to your clients. But sometimes it feels like you are still doing it all..... After years of consulting with businesses large and small, Sarita shares all her learnings on how your business can grow without you having to be involved at each touch point.
  • Executives:
  • As executives you are expected to lead, you’re expected to not only run a team but often outside of work we have other roles we are required to play. After juggling these two demanding worlds, I understand the challenges faced by executives who want (and can have!) it all. Let me show you how.

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