How Will DNA Make Our Future? artwork
Built with Biology: Podcast

How Will DNA Make Our Future?

  • S2E5
  • 42:42
  • August 24th 2022

DNA powers the bioeconomy. These fundamental molecules enable us to re-program cells to produce sustainable materials and medicines. But reprogramming cells requires specific sequences of DNA that don't exist in nature--we have to make them ourselves. If that sounds easy, this episode will change your mind!

Thomas Ybert, co-founder and CEO of DNA Script joins the show for a brilliant discussion on how we make DNA, what role it plays in COVID testing, producing DNA in future outbreak zones, DNA data storage and the impending Armageddon of Data.

Built with Biology: Podcast

Did you know that we can build bricks made by bacteria, produce foods from captured carbon, cure life-threatening genetic diseases, design and grow sustainable, animal-free leathers and furs, restore polluted waterways with microbes, and even print DNA?

Take a deep dive into the science and innovators behind these technologies and hear how the future is being built with biology. 

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