What Role Can Fragrances Play in Sustainability?  artwork
Built with Biology: Podcast

What Role Can Fragrances Play in Sustainability?

  • S1E2
  • 27:55
  • September 1st 2021

Jasmine, musk, powder fresh; all our favorite fragrances typically come from petrochemicals. These scents are everywhere in daily life, from soaps and detergents to air fresheners, makeup, varnishes, the list is almost endless.

As we strive to make our everyday products sustainable, what do we do about our favorite scents? A joint team from biology companies Conagen and Sensegen is making sustainable fragrances with microbes.

How are these fragrance molecules made? How are scents designed by perfumers? Can biomanufactured perfumes aid animal welfare? Tune in to get all your questions answered!

Built with Biology: Podcast

Did you know that we can build bricks made by bacteria, produce foods from captured carbon, cure life-threatening genetic diseases, design and grow sustainable, animal-free leathers and furs, restore polluted waterways with microbes, and even print DNA?

Take a deep dive into the science and innovators behind these technologies and hear how the future is being built with biology. 

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