How Do We Design Biology? Get Ready to Be Surprised! artwork
Built with Biology: Podcast

How Do We Design Biology? Get Ready to Be Surprised!

  • S2E1
  • 37:51
  • January 19th 2022

Biology is spectacularly complex. Even when we think we know which genes produce and control which proteins, we find out there are entire sections of the genome we still don’t understand! So, what kind of mindset does it take to find the solutions to problems that have infinite answers?

Patrick Westfall, Senior Director of the Microbe Group at Inscripta, joins to show to explore rational versus irrational biology design and share the tools and mindsets that can help us build more successfully with biology! 

Built with Biology: Podcast

Did you know that we can build bricks made by bacteria, produce foods from captured carbon, cure life-threatening genetic diseases, design and grow sustainable, animal-free leathers and furs, restore polluted waterways with microbes, and even print DNA?

Take a deep dive into the science and innovators behind these technologies and hear how the future is being built with biology. 

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