How Can We Welcome Everyone to the Bioeconomy? artwork
Built with Biology: Podcast

How Can We Welcome Everyone to the Bioeconomy?

  • S1E3
  • 43:33
  • September 15th 2021

The bioeconomy--the growing economy built with biology--may sound unwelcoming if you don't have a biology degree. The beauty of the bioeconomy is that we are all needed to create a sustainable future, from artists to marketers to engineers, and especially entrepreneurs.

But how do we welcome everyone and inspire the next generation?

In a special episode, Jaye Goldstein of Petri and Natalie Kuldell of BioBuilder share their insights on creating community, supporting women and underrepresented genders, and how we can inspire the next generation on their journey from classroom to founder.

Built with Biology: Podcast

Did you know that we can build bricks made by bacteria, produce foods from captured carbon, cure life-threatening genetic diseases, design and grow sustainable, animal-free leathers and furs, restore polluted waterways with microbes, and even print DNA?

Take a deep dive into the science and innovators behind these technologies and hear how the future is being built with biology. 

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