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Built with Biology: Spaces

Cemvita Factory: Tara Karimi and Moji Karimi

  • S1E14
  • 35:18
  • September 10th 2021

Today, CO2 emissions from heavy industries are poisoning our atmosphere and causing climate change. But what if we could capture those CO2 emissions and transform them into valuable products using microbes?

That's exactly what the team at Cemvita Factory is doing! Based in Houston, the company has engineering microbes to turn carbon into useful products like bioethylene, just like how plants turn CO2 into oxygen through photosynthesis.

Tune in to hear from Cemvita's founders about how we can use CO2 as a feedstock in our energy transition to Net Zero.

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Fiona Mischel (Host)

Cemvita Factory:

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Episode credits: Hosted by Fiona Mischel, produced by Nikita Michelsen, and recorded, edited, and engineered by Bryce Joseph-Nelson

Recorded: 9/1/21

Built with Biology: Spaces

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