Phytolon: Halim Jubran and Tal Zeltzer artwork
Built with Biology: Spaces

Phytolon: Halim Jubran and Tal Zeltzer

  • S1E12
  • 47:38
  • August 30th 2021

Candies, cakes, salad dressing, plant-based meats, butter; all these foods and so many more contain food coloring. Food coloring traditionally came from plants but today it comes from petrochemicals.

But now, the bioengineering company Phytolon has found a new way to make food colorings sustainably--and affordably!--using microbes!

Hear from Phytolon's founders about the science behind their breakthrough, how fabrics could be dyed with the same method, and how starting a company in Israel as Jewish and Arab co-founders is bringing communities and families together.

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Fiona Mischel (Host)


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Episode credits: Hosted by Fiona Mischel, produced by Nikita Michelsen, and recorded, edited, and engineered by Bryce Joseph-Nelson

Recorded: 8/18/21

Built with Biology: Spaces

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