Herophilus : Saul Kato and Sharath Hegde  artwork
Built with Biology: Spaces

Herophilus : Saul Kato and Sharath Hegde

  • S1E4
  • 56:42
  • June 16th 2021

Why haven't therapeutics for brain diseases improved in decades? Could new approaches using brian organoids (aka mini-brains on a chip!) advance the field and bring potential cures to millions in need? Listen to Saul Kato and Sharath Hegde of Herophilus explain why inspirations of the past may point the way forward to a huge leap in treatments for brain disease.

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Fiona Mischel (Host)


Saul Kato:

Sharath Hegde:

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Episode credits: Hosted by Fiona Mischel, produced by Nikita Michelsen, and recorded, edited, and engineered by Bryce Joseph-Nelson

Recorded: 6/9/21

Built with Biology: Spaces

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