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Built with Biology: Spaces

Jellatech: Stephanie Michelsen

  • S1E7
  • 42:34
  • July 16th 2021

Do you love gummy bears? Or jello? Or your vitamin capsules? Ok, maybe not the last two but you probably also like wine. But what do these have in common? Gelatin and collagen.

These ingredients, which come from the leftovers of pig and cow slaughter for meat, are extremely useful but are currently not sustainable and are often unsafe for workers processing them.

Enter Jellatech, the first company in the world making these incredible ingredients using cellular agriculture. Hear Jellatech co-founder and CEO Stephanie Michelsen explore the science, opportunities, and teeny tiny cell-based gummy bears in this week's Spaces show!

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Fiona Mischel (Host)

Stephanie Michelsen

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Episode credits: Hosted by Fiona Mischel, produced by Nikita Michelsen, and recorded, edited, and engineered by Bryce Joseph-Nelson

Recorded: 7/14/21

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