AEW Makes A Grand Slam (AEW Grand Slam Review) artwork

AEW Makes A Grand Slam (AEW Grand Slam Review)

  • S1E7
  • 1:54:12
  • October 29th 2021

This live edition of BunkaMania was recorded on Wednesday 13th October 2021 on the Bunkazilla UK Twitch Channel.

Jeremy Graves and Iain Boulton return to cast their eyes back to a busy few weeks of wrestling for both AEW and WWE.

AEW held their biggest ever show at Arthur Ashe stadium for their Grand Slam Dynamite and Rampage events featuring a match of the year candidate from Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega.

If that's not enough, WWE has brought in the changes for NXT and the results are odd, to say the least. If that's not enough, the WWE draft has been and gone and there's another Crown Jewel event to look forward to....yay.

You can watch the video version of the episode here.


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