Blood & Guts and Money in the Bank 2022 artwork

Blood & Guts and Money in the Bank 2022

  • S1E25
  • 1:36:16
  • July 8th 2022

This episode of BunkaMania was recorded on Wednesday 6th July 2022.

In a fresh audio only podcast edition, Jeremy Graves and The Dekker Dane (aka Iain Boulton) catch up on the bloody (and we mean bloody!) Blood & Guts match from AEW as well as chatting about all the action from WWE's Money in The Bank 2022.

If that's not enough, the hosts spend some time admiring Christian Cage's villainy, facepalm at credit card advertisements, theory on Theory, and find out that Jurassic World: Dominion is just a movie.

Chapter Points

  • 00:00 - Start
  • 03:15 - AEW Blood & Guts Match
  • 20:45 - Christian Cage and his evil turtleneck
  • 29:32 - Royal Rampage and Upcoming AEW / ROH
  • 41:14 - Women's MITB Match
  • 47:23 - Bobby Lashley Babyface Power
  • 51:06 - Raw and Smackdown Women's Championships
  • 1:03:03 - Usos v Street Profits
  • 1:09:05 - Lily's Spending Spree
  • 1:11:34 - Spooky Messages
  • 1:15:58 - Men's MITB Match & Theory
  • 1:27:43 - Tidbits & Sign-Off


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