Hell in a Nonsensical Cell artwork

Hell in a Nonsensical Cell

  • E1
  • 1:51:34
  • July 11th 2021

This episode of BunkaMania was recorded on July 1st 2021.

Jeremy and Iain catch up to talk about the latest shows from AEW and WWE.

In this episode, they cover the final AEW shows from Daily's Place before they return to arenas, the solid wrestling yet terrible storytelling of WWE's Hell in a Cell 2021 PPV and much more!

Chapter Points

00:00 - Introductions

02:29 - The AEW Catch Up Part 1

16:25 - Wrestling with Fans Again

25:50 - The AEW Catch Up Part 2

48:40 - Hell in a Cell 2021

58:40 - The PPV Game

01:07:02 - Hell in a Cell 2021 Final Thoughts

01:12:17 - The WWE Catch Up

01:25:25 - The NXT Catch Up

01:39:53 - WWE Releases

01:45:48 - WWE UK Tour 2021

01:48:47 - Signing Off


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