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Bunkazilla Film Roar

Godzilla vs Kong

  • S1E37
  • 1:28:34
  • April 12th 2021

Spoiler Warning for Godzilla vs Kong!

We're taking on the mega monster match up of the cinematic year as Iain and guest reviewer Shenny (aka Michael Hirst) review Godzilla vs Kong. Is the monsterverse smash up the film we've all been waiting for? Our reviewers share their thoughts though maybe get too into the "science" of the film.

But before we see two giant titans have a big screen tiff, our reviewers also share their thoughts on the first trailer of Space Jam: A New Legacy and the long-awaited sequel may have made a bad first impression.

And if you're looking for a movie recommendation, Shenny talks about why you should give Dragon Ball Super: Broly a watch!

Chapter Points

  • 01:42 - Space Jam: A New Legacy Trailer Reaction
  • 19:50 - Godzilla vs Kong Review
  • 01:20:35 - Shenny's Movie Recommendation

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